Top 10 Ways to Make Your Landscape as Luxurious as Your Home

Your home is an important reflection of your interests, your style, and how you want others to perceive you. As with any handcrafted, individually designed masterpiece, a first impression is everything. Your landscape is your home’s first impression, and beautiful landscaping will take your outdoor space to the next level. Here are the 10 best ways to make your landscape as luxurious as your home.

1. Create Natural Barriers

Instead of building a fence that can look stark or unoriginal, use some landscaping tricks to create a natural barrier around your property. Tall shrubs or trees just around your outdoor area can make your space look large while obscuring outside views. It’s important to always leave ample space for growth and give your new barrier a few seasons to develop.

2. Experiment with Materials

Your outdoor area is a creative space that has just a fraction of the design limitations as the indoor area. Use materials such as limestone, a finely grained stone featuring remnants of sea life and shells, as an interesting option for wall cladding. Using a honed or highly polished finish will accentuate these unique details. If you need some minimalistic  or protection from the weather, clear glass allows a transparency that makes gardens look seamless and larger. You can also explore tinted or textual glass options for varying degrees of privacy or sun protection.

3. Use Your Space Wisely

It’s important to buy furniture that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. Smaller spaces should not be overcrowded with large dining sets. If you do have a large area and entertain often then a well-designed dining set and bar would be a great choice. Stylish hammocks are great for relaxing by the pool, especially for children.


4. Use Lighting

Just as lighting plays a huge role in design inside the house, it can play an even bigger role outside the house. Place lights underwater in the deep end of your custom pool to make the whole water surface shimmer in the moonlight. You can even add spotlights in strategic locations throughout your pool landscape design, such as along a pathway. You can silhouette a tree by placing lights behind it, or place lights across each other to create a dimension.

5. Use Pavers

Pavers are not just functional – they add interest and direction to pathways, driveways, and entertaining area. You’ll need a layer of river sand to sit your pavers on. Once they’re in position, try large format pavers for a modern look – think about using deco granite. It’s really flexible and it allows water to soak through, so it’s better for the environment. You can even use a herringbone layout to draw the eye up the garden path to the front door.


6. Repeat Colours

A colour scheme is crucial to every landscape design. When trying to decide how to incorporate color into your landscape design, look at your pool tiles, outdoor kitchen colours, and the colours that make up your outdoor living space for inspiration. Choose flowers in similar colours for a seamless look, or go for contrasting colours for a striking appearance.

7. Add Furniture

Day beds and casual dining settings are reminiscent of luxury travel and oceanside dining, and are a great addition for your outdoor area in springtime. They can be ideal for poolside lounging and a fresh spring afternoon tea. When choosing a style of furniture, always make sure it matches the material of your landscape and your home. Consistency is key when designing an outdoor space.

8. Add Water Elements

To really beautify your home garden and make your landscaping stand out, add a water feature in the form of a fountain, stream, or fish pond. It will provide a sense of tranquility not only from the beautiful visual of colourful plants or clear water, but also from the sounds of gurgling or splashing water, which is a natural relaxant. It will help your visitors remember your garden as a tranquil environment.

9.  Less Is More

It is recommended to limit the number of plants and ornaments that you plan to plant in your garden. Homeowners often find that the less plans planted, the better the results. It would be ideal to have a smaller amount of plants in the garden arranged in a riveting and well-organized manner rather than an overflow of plants that can ultimately look chaotic.

10. Work Around a Focal Theme

Any great outdoor design has a focal theme or style that is identified based on a collection of distinctive features in the outdoor space. Some examples of landscape styles include cultural and historic gardens, like Italian, English, Japanese, or Spanish colonial gardens. Other styles can be historic utilitarian gardens, like cottage gardens or colonial kitchen gardens. Other ideas include urban, contemporary, classic, or iconic designs that can be attributed to a particular designer, a certain design movement, or a design period, such as California mid-century modern. Most important is that you begin your landscaping project with a clear idea and design in your head. The beauty will then follow. When deciding who to trust to design your own landscape, RHM Landscaping is highly recommended when it comes to luxury designs.


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